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Mr. Binder has been actively engaged in appraising since June, 1986 and has appraisal experience with single family residences, condominiums, and multi-unit dwellings.


Senior Residential Appraiser (SRA) for the Appraisal Institute


Loyola University, BA

Loyola University, M.Ed.

Successfully completed the following courses:

Course 101, Introduction to Real Estate Appraising SREA

Course 102, Appraising Real Estate SREA

Residential Certification Review Seminar - Appraisal Institute

Standards of Professional Practice Seminar - Appraisal Institute

Evaluating Residential Construction Seminar - Appraisal Institute

II420 Standards of Professional Practice - Appraisal Institute

Fair Lending and the Appraiser - Appraisal Institute

Performing Real Estate Evaluations - Appraisal Institute

Appraising Along the Information Highway - Appraisal Institute

Alternative Residential Reporting Forms - Appraisal Institute

The Internet and Appraising - Appraisal Institute

A Day with the Committee - Real Estate Appraisal Administration

Course I-319 Basic Income Capitalization - Appraisal Institute

Course ILVII - Illinois Non-Residential Report Writing at Chicago Chapter Education Center


Binder Realty Consultants, Inc. - 1988 to present

Robert F. Jilek & Associates - 1990 to present

Associated Property Counselors, Inc. - 1986 to 1987

Quigley Preparatory Seminary South - 1981 to 1990

Chairman, Counseling Department

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